AMEGA, Inc. 

AMEGA, Inc. 


This is AMEGA... 

"the best part of every business is making money"
"the best part of every business is making money"

From the beginning

Making money is not easy, in fact it is as difficult as the strength of this name. A sensorship for a rap or a space in song, the origns to Amega 1nnovations correspond to every choice translated and every opportunity unfolded. If not to win, then ask yourself what for...

As of right now...

MB Enterprises, Inc.
MB Enterprises, Inc.

Till its gone...

Make everday count. Create not ornate. Discover and relate. Those who can pretend to imagine will remember to dream. I escape my own reality before I dare to believe. Then we can play. A secret pretend play of any which ideas we can afford to give up. And no matter what, forgive yourself for being right, because you and I were normal everyday, cause it took a shot in the dark to make it work.


Word Money, Inc.
Word Money, Inc.


Always listening to Dave Matthews Band


*Poetry of even twice []t's years*

exaserbated it i did

i demolished ever nook

took the fire and shook the castle down

and down it went

oh boy did that castle go

way down

down into the next morning ..

and as i stood praying to pray once more i snap my knuckles together twice with care and clentched my nose to hear

and everyday, well not every day, but sum, i sung a song

and it wasnt a song of laughter or of care

it was fun

i had a fun thing today, and tomorrow it will be fun more

and fun more it will be til the klock strikes X....

*Do's and Dont's of a Rolling Stone*

It is often said that some things are better left unknown. Your own personal consideration of certain sorts will levy a noteworthy response. Better left unknown, or sort. You are damned never, and if you do, you just might proceed to much more. And if you do and dont, well you will only turn out to develop some 'rock' tendencies, whatever that means right?

The dribble...A very noteworthy anecdote to learn. We are what we eat always, so best be onward to the next show. Be not what you are, and never not...cause rock-n-roll will kill you. It is a 24 300 and 65 daily job. A unwritten book of every daydreamers belief, that if you want it bad enough, you too can make your reality true.

An unbomitable reality, realistically saying though (of course) and never anything less. Would you care for a drink? Of course you would. A fresh pair of socks, dont mind if you do, right? Often rock is roll but its not rolling rock unless your stoned. Keep in mind, this is an ancient industry. The year 1969 was a lifetime ago. Mick Jagger may not have spoken the words unless his shoes were filled with a certain sound. And they all wrote that dobe, the words rock-n-roll. They loved it so much that Mick became Keith, and John was Yoko. A metaphor for formal casual pleasure, theyre presence prepared our generation (of course) for a life of infinite sounds.

"Make a rock-n-roll your friend and no wrong will be bestowed unto you, for thou art with me". Amen.


The Comedy Rap

"its a rap"

Take One


Okay Go!

I went

You went too far come back

Im a brand of of sort that cannot be bought. Sing to me


The cat thought what?

It thought two thoughts cause no cats call natire without room supper. Ha


It was Rain

Its still Wet

It Sucked

Im Margret

And the I's have it


No rap is ever Margaret.

We Go!

*Final Cut*

One fatal accident turns into a nightmare every six to eight months. The directors that brought you back to church after not working for years and years are now flipping the bird and getting paid to curse.

"Excellent hand

I love the hand

Have a smoke

Or a drink

Or two

Let's just drink and smoke"

*The Harvard*

If heaven had a harder hell to void I'd write it off to better the day.

Heaven is easy to hold high than hell is to hell low. Cause if he'll is low, anything lower would be that much more diasterous..

*On Christmas*

Its christmas

and on christmas

we love to think of next christmas

We do?

This mans going ruin the entire plot

were here

not there

and were hot!

like stormin the ally roads


tell her again

this is eyewitness news at this



its six

the rhythm is 6






from a beach to a brawl where here to look forward

this is jaime goodfellowello orr well signing off

hey jaime get lost!

shut up

gimme that roach...



Increase focus...

ahh good

lets see

if i were an audience, where would i put it..





its good

and loud

im happy

yes i did

just not yeah

how unfortunate

i didnt get that

the chip

my shoulders were always very well balanced into my nace


thats it




im brilliant

well hello faceman...



The Wolfman



Archnemesis to none

Known to all

The know.

If its out there I knoe

The sequrl to that movie, I got it

I saw it before it was made

yes, im good like that



This is John...

He thinks hes a psychic

major thrill

yes yes

just dont get caught playing around with anesthesia in the hospita



Hows about a story

and not just any story

a serious one

with no ending...

Im you and your me

no im me

thats the point

see im the Doe

thats the rules

Death Over Earth


see if it were the other way around id be learning from your history


doe wins!

****The Doe goes in to do, and out to examine****

alrite now lets see


right here


got it


now. you there

ahh schizo probably

ive read about those

perhaps a gust of wind...


maybe some sirens


alrite you win

The point isnt to be smart

its to be really really smart

Us Doe's must remain quick and agile

its a must

you see when the day turns to night

thats the best part

we infatuate our perimeter...

lile a vulture





this is my movie

whos the director?

no body

I am

he is

i paid hiwho?

the milkman

yea go away im playing


Ahh the park

naughty things happen here

maybe a spooky time


Ahh the toy store


no one likes a party pooper

how about a gameboy

tits been disconinued for 30 years

well maybe i like the graphics

no one likes the graphics

i got a gamebox

it brings out my eyes

and thats XBoxi


This is a narrative storyline, character, and objective role

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Reel 2 Reel Films and Worm Hole Productions